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Aretê Consulting Ltd provides advisory services to the oil, gas, and energy related industries

We offer a portfolio of services that bridge the Technical/Commercial, and Operations/Strategy Boundaries.

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Commercial and Business Services

We work with both domestic and international clients

Our people have extensive management and leadership experience, and are expert at balancing the strategic context with operational needs

Our input is particularly valued when assisting clients to resolve complex issues and decisions, and in situations that require the combination of technical competence and commercial acumen.


Analysis and advice on specific client projects with support on further questions as they arise


Direct representation on client’s behalf on a range of commercial or regulatory matters including Joint Venture management support.


Working inside client's organisation as a member of a project team or short term assignments within client’s functional organisation backfilling, or complementing a specific short term need for additional skills.

Relationship Models

Aretê Consulting Ltd

Strategy and Planning

Our team is experienced in developing and implementing strategy, and supporting that strategy with sound, practical plans.

Assignment Examples
  • Prepare country entry strategies for international E&P companies interested in entering New Zealand.
  • Roadmap for the development of the residential and commercial gas sector in the Middle East.
  • Strategic plan facilitation and development for the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat.

Evaluation and Analysis

Every significant business decision needs to be supported by some level of evaluation and analysis. By understanding of our clients' business environments, we deliver a practical and focused approach to the evaluation and analysis of strategies, projects and contracts.

Assignment Examples
  • Advocacy support for Major gas User Group in regulatory workstreams.
  • Analysis of supply/demand picture for NZ gas industry.
  • Expert witness in gas price arbitration in NZ market.
  • Forecasting of gas demand for gas transmission services.
  • Analysis of market and institutional arrangements for the development of the residential and commercial gas sector in the Middle East.
  • Review, assess potential and make recommendations on outsourcing of operations and maintenance activities.

Project Management Services

Our people are proven performers in the practice of managing projects and contracts.

Assignment Examples
  • Project Manager for a study to design and implement a regulatory framework for the residential and commercial gas sector in the Middle East.
  • Manage electricity and gas supply tenders for major sites.
  • Coordinate tender compilation for a major lump sum projects, define tender-evaluation criteria, oversee technical evaluations, and chair pre-award clarification meetings.
  • Design and implement Operational Readiness Assurance Process for major onshore gas processing facility.

Commercial and Business Services

Successful ventures require effective integration between the technical and non-technical aspects. Our capabilities include:

Assignment Examples
  • Negotiation of farm in/farm out deals for exploration acreage.
  • Negotiation and implementation of Joint Venture Operating Agreements.
  • Design of Enterprise Risk Management Framework.
  • Design and delivery of workshop content for an Oil and Gas Fundamentals Course.
Aretê Consulting Ltd

We provide customised solutions to meet the unique challenges of our clients that enable them to speed delivery of important operational, commercial, technical, or strategic projects

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